Raw Pride of Wirral - Dog's Diner

Raw and Proud, No Kibble Allowed!!

We try really hard to ensure that your dog's transition and YOUR transition to feeding him RAW is straightforward & safe.

We use a tried and tested method, developed by owner, Ann Ridyard around 10 years ago.  This method has seen literally 1000's of dogs swap safely to raw and is also promoted via Ann's raw learning website on the largest RAW feeding advisory group on FACEBOOK.  Raw Feeding UK (RFUK) with over 30,000 members, it offers a very strong support system for anybody feeding a RAW diet to their dogs.  

You can click the above image to be taken to RFUK.  This is a very active group and it holds a wealth of RAW feeding experience within the members.  Ann has been involved with RFUK since its infancy.

You will see many links being shared to Ann's RAW learning website, but you will also learn that every single person who feeds RAW travels their own journey with their dog and revels in the changes a raw diet can make to their best friends, but also gets tremendous support if they need to discuss anything relating to RAW.